Spencer and Penn Slipper Suppliers to NHS and Health Providers
Spencer and Penn             Slipper Suppliers to NHS and Health Providers

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If it is your responsibilty to support people with falls advice or want to have a supply of hard sole slippers to use in your charity work, we have just what you need. If you have a falls prevention service or public health department, charity organisation, or maybe a NHS Hospital Ward that needs a reliable source that works to supply the needs of your patients or clients with adjustable hard sole slippers then our site will introduce everything you need to know about the slippers we can provide. This we aim to offer with prices that fit in with your departments budget, clearly an important factor. As NHS Supply Chain do not offer hard sole adjustable slippers we can fill that gap and provide your trust with the adjustable hard sole slippers you need. Hard sole slippers have been found to help avoid trips and falls, both in hospital and then when the patient returns home. This is a better health outcome for the patient and of course the NHS benfits too!


On the NHS/Falls Awareness pages you will find that the slipper range we offer is very popular with public health professionals in the community care sector and the experts at Age UK along with NHS procurement managers. It will show the benefits given by the budget priced adjustable slippers we can source for you. Our slippers are in quite a numbers of hospitals now, they are likely to be suitable for your patients too! Use our services and it will increase your ability to supply suitable slippers to the unwell or elderly.


The next page illustrates some of the features contained in our well thought out product lines of hard sole slippers with velcro adjustment, mostly aimed at seniors, both men and women. 


Our online brochure is available to you with a password we can provide, simply enquire through slippers@spencerandpenn.co.uk



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