Spencer and Penn Slipper suppliers to NHS
Spencer and Penn                         Slipper suppliers to NHS

Now that things are returning closer to normal, its a good time to review your supplier for velcro fastening slippers for patients and clients. This is where we are able to help by supplying slippers in small or large quantities.


If your health improvement team is planning to have a falls awareness day or program of events we will be able to help with the range of slippers we have carefully chosen. Chosen by features such as durability, slip resistance, availabilty and a reasonable price to keep you within budget. Some slippers in the range are suitable for feet with swelling, they are easy to put on and off because of the velcro adjustable straps and also washable. Please feel free to give us a call to gain access to the information available and to talk over your requirements for slippers for a falls prevention event. If you are looking for a supplier offering better value then give us a try.


We have sucessfully helped many public health teams with these products,as well as Age Uk Slipper exchange schemes, so our experience of the slippers that will work for your event is worthwhile tapping in to. You can call on 07834 986108 or email us at slippers@spencerandpenn.co.uk to gain more information on the safe adjustable slippers we offer for NHS and local authorities falls prevention and community care exchange schemes. We also have helped charitable trusts by supplying slippers at an affordable price.


Areas that have put a slipper swap scheme in place report that falls can be reduced by up to 80%. Its such a simple idea, swap the old worn out slippers for a new pair, more supportive and safe, adjustable with velcro fastening straps. Another health authority reported that falls rates in the months after slippers were provided fell substantially compared with the months before. For a few pounds spent it saves hospital trusts money and the gives the patient slippers they can be confident in.

The need for footwear within the home that helps with preventing falls is now well catered for. We stock a large number of slippers/house shoes that have been designed with these needs in mind. For example some will have a supportive back counter to increase stability, while also having a hard wearing sole suitable for indoor or ourdoor wear. Often these slippers will have adjustable velcro straps, designed for easy access and maximum adjustment, really helpful for a swollen foot. Knowing that feet will often swell during the day some have been designed with the added advantage of a removeable insole, thus giving greater depth in the slipper if needed.



Many of the slippers we have chosen to keep in stock are wider and deeper than usually found in shops.  The uppers are flexible yet firm  so less likely to cause abrasions to the toes. The fabric uppers are soft enough to accomodate swollen feet, or bunions too.

We find that the Slipper range we offer is very popular with public health professionals in the community care sector and the experts at Age Uk along with NHS procurement departmenst We choose styles suitable for the elderly  or those being served by falls projects in community development schemes. These velcro slippers are stylish, comfortable, wide fitting and offer good stability to the wearer. They are produced with a rubber sole offering less chance of the wearer slipping due to inferior sole material. It is an established fact that many slippers used by the elderly are ill fitting and well worn, so these wide fit slippers with velcro straps are an ideal solution at a sensible price. There are of course many factors causing falls within the home, but good house shoes or slippers are certainly a first step in preventing accidents in the home, especially for the elderly.


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