Spencer and Penn Slipper Suppliers to NHS and Health Providers
Spencer and Penn             Slipper Suppliers to NHS and Health Providers

Slipper Features

To ensure the safe use of the slippers we offer, we choose styles suitable for the elderly or those being served by falls projects in voluntary community projects. These Velcro fastening slippers are stylish, comfortable, wide fitting and offer good stability to the wearer. Touch and close fasteners, or hook and loop known synonymously as Velcro, are used widely as fastening devices. The first component features tiny hooks, the second features smaller loops.

When the two are pressed together the hooks catch in the loops and the two pieces fasten or bind temporarily. When separated, by pulling or peeling the two surfaces apart, the strips make a distinctive "ripping" sound. They are particularly appropriate for the attachment of the adjustable straps on slippers as this offers the wearer the chance to tighten or loosen the product to suit their needs.

To increase the benefit of wearing a slipper it is recognised that the soles should be a lightweight and flexible rubber type material, this being less likely to slip. Should you be giving slippers through a “sloppy slipper” exchange scheme you need to be confident that the styles you provide are supportive rather than poorly structured slippers that do not fit well. Avoid offering soft, floppy, loose-fitting or open-backed slippers because these can cause trips. The slippers we offer are designed in particular for the use of seniors, both men and women, either in the home or in a hospital setting.

Upper materials are designed to be many things. An important factor is of course how it looks, if the client doesn't like them they wont wear them! Therefore the materials chosen are attractive and in colours suitable for the gender intended. Some of the more expensive items will be machine washable, the less expensive needing hand cleaning. Most of all though comfort as well as fit is so important to increase the confidence of the patient/client. 


Now available, Dunlop Slippers with Touch Fastening Adjustable Uppers, with memory foam insoles for superb comfort. These also have the added advantage of being washable.

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